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It is our pleasure to have you as our guest at Details Salon. We value your business. It is our hope you enjoy our small yet sophisticated environment. We believe that education, talent, and integrity move us in the direction our guests desire. Boasting a clientele spanning over 30 years, friendship and trust keep us fresh, current, and fashion forward, while keeping us mindful of the needs of our clients. Working together as an entire salon, each of us feel a responsibility to serve our clients with the best in the world of cosmetology. 
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Mallory made this decadent and delicious cake.
Congratulations, Audra! We are proud to say we have her first autograph!
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Timothy, C.M.O. - owner, master colorist, stylist, makeup artist. Tim is a graduate of Joseph's School of Hair Design and was taught much of his technique by Mr. Joseph Oliveri himself. Tim has worked in the image industry for over 35 years. Serving clients from all over the country, they agree Tim is worth the travel:

"No one does color like Tim."
                                      ~ J.S.                "As a former New York City resident, my hair                                                                         hasn't looked this good since I left New York."
                                                                          ~ M.H.
"I never leave without feeling like a star."
                                                                 ~ S.G.
Robin, C.M.O. - owner, business manager, master colorist, stylist. Robin is a graduate of Joseph's School of hair design and has worked in the image industry for over 30 years. Confidence and caring are apparent in her relationship with each details guest. Robin's grounded presence always makes you feel at ease and welcomes your questions and feedback. Robin knows what it takes to be a woman balancing career and family and is able to utilize that in helping you achieve your desired look.

"How can someone so talented be so funny?!"
                                                      ~ M.L.                     "Tim can do more for your self esteem in one hour
than a therapist can do in a lifetime." ~ L.C.
Mallory - stylist, colorist, ​pinch braid extensions specialist. Mallory has been a stylist for over 9 years. She enjoys the opportunity to make every client feel beautiful about themselves on the inside and out. From creative up-styling, to trendy cuts and dimensional colors, Mallory is devoted to making her clients smile when they leave her chair. She provides pinch braid extensions for people looking to add a little length or fullness to their hair. Extensions are a great option for clients, customized to each person's hair needs.
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Bonnie, C.M.O. - independent contractor/owner, master colorist, stylist. Bonnie has worked in the image industry for over 35 years. She enjoys working one on one with her clients cutting, styling, coloring, creating texture and movement, soft curls through perms, as well as facial waxing. Schedule with her Monday-Thursday by calling or texting (701) 261-0394.